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What The F?


We weave art + technology together in surprising + compelling ways to deliver high quality content for digital, TV + film.

We've been successfully integrating brands with consumers since we launched in 2008 by creating lifetime experiences in the U.S. + Australia by developing emotionally charged, inspiring, innovative entertainment in niche genres.

We are driven by determination, fueled by talent + deliver with a mission.

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We Are

Cogito Ergo Sum

It all began in Sydney, Australia with two bright eyed and bushy tailed 15 and 16 year old kids. LA, a young model/ actor with an innate ability to inspire belief that any dream, with hard work and passion is possible. And Natasha, a worldly and vibrant girl versed in food and fashion with the determination of a lion to empower others.

They fell in love at first sight, and neither, trials, nor distance could keep their love from growing. LA debuted as the lead for the NBA Playoffs Sprite national ad campaign, Nintendo Wii launch during the Super Bowl and Coca Cola. Natasha attended Parsons School of Design in New York, and graduated from Business Management in Sydney. A few years later, LA proposed at iconic Bondi Beach, of course, she said yes. Two years later in 2008, they moved to Miami, FL and were married barefoot with their toes in the white sand and the Atlantic Ocean on their back. Soon after, they decided to also marry their passions into a company they founded called Foreignity.

Natasha is in development for a TV cooking series. In the interim, she is authoring her first cookbook and is in pre-production for a digital cooking series, executive produced by LA Rice. Meanwhile, LA has pledged to pay homage to his hero, his 92 year old Dutch Jewish grandfather, Harry J. Fransman, an author, veteran and holocaust survivor of five concentration camps, in executive producing a scripted TV series. Their partner for both projects is media mogul and business magnate, Russell Simmons.

Mr. & Mrs. Rice now reside in Los Angeles, CA.


Natasha Pestano Rice

Chef × AUTHOR × founder

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Hi, I'm Natasha. I'm an Australian and third generation chef living in LA and cooking is my lifeblood. My earliest memory of my passion with food began at home in Sydney when I was two, with my mum, my kitchen hero, by  my side.

The fact that one in three people from my generation will be obese, have diabetes and will suffer from cardiovascular issues drives me to empower through nutritious food. My mission is to make it simple and possible for anyone to eat well. It just requires a little bit of know-how and a whole lot of love. So, come join me as I turn up the heat in the kitchen with simple and tantalizing food and let me share with you my joy so you can,

              "Eat Well. Live Well. Love Well."

Integrate brands from content inception to delivery

As featured on the cover of Time Magazine and the Dr. Oz TV show, Australis Barramundi partners with Australian Chef, Natasha Pestano Rice to celebrate an award-winning Australian sustainable sea bass in fresh, clean and simple recipes created to inspire people to come home and eat, live and love well.

Australis was integrated into the storyline of the series to provide seamless positivity and synergy. This stand out, powerful solution allows them to deliver extremely high quality cooking videos, filmed with Epic Red cameras in a Brazilian custom designer kitchen.

Unlike traditional advertising, branded entertainment cannot be fast forwarded or Tivo'd out; it is weaved into the fabric of the story as a support character.

Brand: Australis Aquaculture, LLC

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  1. To provide exceptional, premium entertainment internationally.
  2. To grow through nurturing and investing in talent by means of niche diversification.
  3. To aid disadvantaged youth by creating opportunities for growth through building self-esteem, knowledge, confidence and a strong network to build upon. We are building a future where we'll provide educational programs and scholarships.


foreignity (for‘en-ity) noun

+ One who embraces their unique backgrounds and capabilities to stand apart from the masses.

+ One who imparts knowledge and understanding to improve and uplift another who is prepared to persevere.

+ Resilience and finesse.

It’s not where you came from; it’s what you come through.

Harry J. Fransman


Harry J. Fransman, grandfather to LA Rice, is a holocaust survivor of five Nazi Concentration Camps & the Death March. Harry and Foreignity are embarking on an historic, original 20-piece art exhibition named, "And Heaven Stood By Me,"  launching in 2015.

Each breathtaking, heart-wrenching and captivating artwork will become an intimate experience of how Harry cheated imminent death thirteen times and found courage in the darkest of times.

The art exhibition is a prelude to the scripted TV series, based on his life story for which Foreignity is currently in development in hand with RSTV.

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Harry expresses: "I would like to explain something that is hard to believe... I am not a religious person, but I was saved by God thirteen times to tell my story.
Now, a lot of people who would listen to me would really think it's a little bit exaggerated and just could not happen... I swear to God that every little thing I mention did occur."


Beverly Hills: 1 (310) 734-8829

Sydney: 612 8006-7228